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BE A TRUCKER, not a truck!

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Endless wastelands with towering peaks. Harsh winters and sunny spring-like meadows. Recognizable Alaskan towns and landmarks. It’s a unique open world to explore. How to do it better than driving a truck across the entire state?

Living, dynamic world

Experience changing weather. Tame your vehicle on snow. Cross the uneven roads and maintain your truck’s condition during the changing seasons of the year.

Driving meets survival

Drive carefully for the sake of your cargo, but take care also of yourself. Hungry, tired, out of fuel or with a broken tire? The difficulties you encounter can become life-threatening!

Step out of vehicle

Use your office, kitchen and garage to manage your life and career. Visit shops and restaurants along the way. Go for a stroll on a warm afternoon. Make Alaska your home.


Dynamic world inspired by real Alaskan locations Advanced driving simulation Dynamic weather system Day/night cycle through all seasons Live outside the truck
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